SWIR Microscope Solutions

Advanced Spectral Technology (AST) goes beyond traditional SWIR (shortwave infrared) microscope systems by providing advanced system solutions delivering optimum inspection performance and capability. This includes visible and shortwave wavelength imaging using NIR (visible – 1050nm) through SWIR (900nm – 1700nm) wavelengths leveraging proprietary optical configurations to achieve the highest quality image performance for defect detection & classification.

A SWIR microscopy-based optical microscope can image beyond what a standard optical microscope can image by imaging through layers that are opaque in the visible wavelength while SWIR wavelength enables transmission through what is normally opaque under normal light.

SWIR Microscope Capabilities

The utilization of SWIR provides the capability to measure and inspect interiors of silicon-based wafers and dies by imaging through those areas that are transparent in the SWIR band. These silicon-based devices utilize the shortwave infrared region to turn material layers that are opaque in the visible spectrum into materials that are transparent in SWIR.

Without the utilization of optics being capable in the SWIR imaging range, given the example silicon is opaque, and those wavelengths in the visible range prevent transmission and imaging capability, imaging in the SWIR band is a critical imaging technology for inspecting multi-layer and bonded wafers and dies without having to disassemble a sample wafer or die as part of a destructive test to validate your process.

Advanced Spectral Technology (AST) offers advanced SWIR and NIR microscopy solutions for both research as well as high volume production. AST’s ability to integrate & optimize shortwave infrared imaging onto our high-performance system platforms from manual operation to fully automated solutions that incorporate high-speed image capture, stitching, and singulation for optimum inspection, defect detection, and metrology.

AST provides the capability to integrate visible, NIR, and SWIR imaging within a system platform based on the materials, application, and process requirements. The optics, cameras (InGaAs or other camera options), enable multiple field of view, camera and optical resolution options to be packaged within a single system.

SWIR Microscopy Configuations

SWIR microscopy is designed to see beyond what a standard optical microscope can image using SWIR band in the 900nm through 1700nm wavelength range that can be further optimized based on materials being inspected and its spectral range. The selection of the SWIR optics, InGaAs camera or other optional cameras, as well as optical magnification address and optimize imaging resolution, field of view, and inspection performance and capability. The ability to select and optimize the SWIR optics enables enhanced contrast to be achieved.

SWIR microscopes are fully programmable using AST ScopeViewer software and can be configured with 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and/or 150X objectives and filter assembly.

Validation Testing for NIR and SWIR Microscopes

Advanced Spectral Technology offers current and future customers the ability to provide sample parts for testing and validation to ensure the performance meets the application and process requirements whether it’s a research, development, or mass production system. The ability to evaluate sample wafers, dies, or other parts enables AST to address a range of NIR and SWIR options to configure and optimize the camera or cameras, optics, illumination, and filters that provide the best image quality and contrast.

AST has an extensive in-house testing and demonstration lab with a range of NIR, SWIR, and visible light optics including the latest advanced cameras including InGaAs camera which can support wafer, die, MEMS, macro, and microscopic samples. Contact us for further information on in-house testing, evaluation, and qualification of visible, near wave, and shortwave infrared systems and imaging capability.

SWIR Microscope Questions?

All of our SWIR Microscope solutions can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.