Semiconductor & MEMs Metrology

Advanced Spectral Technology (AST) is a leading provider of Semiconductor & MEMS metrology solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, AST is uniquely positioned to provide cutting-edge semiconductor metrology solutions.

Our fully-integrated systems address both development and production requirements. These system solutions are highly flexible and can be configured with advanced automated part (wafer, die, film frame) handling options. These systems are also capable of being dynamically tuned to achieve the highest level of image quality and performance based on the type, structure, and material composition of the wafer and/or die.


Semiconductor Metrology

Our semiconductor metrology systems address critical imaging and inspection process requirements at the wafer, die, and film frame levels.

We use advanced IR imaging capability, including NIR (Near-wave infrared) and SWIR (short-wave infrared), to detect critical defects and alignment issues that would otherwise go undetected using visible wavelengths for inspection.

SWIR Wavelength Chart
Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS)

MEMS & NEMS Metrology

Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology integrates electrical & mechanical functionality into devices that are widely utilized across many industries due to its advantages of offering greater functionality in less space and lower energy consumption. It’s commonly used in mobile applications, such as smartphones featuring wafer-level sensors and other devices.  Nano-electromechanical Systems (NEMS) technology provides devices at the nano-scale level and are also being developed and adopted for an expanding number of applications where size in the nanometer range benefit from target integration and performance requirements.

Strict quality requirements necessitate the use of precision metrology – including measurements on Critical-Dimensions (CD), CD-Overlay, Defect Detection for Seal Integrity, Post Dicing Cracks and/or Chips, and other defects that occur within the manufacturing process.

Featured Product

Advanced Metrology System


The AST-300 integrates best-in-class precision positioning capability within a highly flexible system that provides an optimum platform for integrating AST’s advanced imaging systems.   These systems provide the required performance and precision to capture high-resolution images that can be utilized to perform critical measurements using AST’s advanced ScopeViewer metrology software suite.  

Semiconductor & MEMS Applications

CD Overlay / Metrology

Ability to accurately and repeatably measure critical features and alignment

Defect Detection & Review

Advanced automated inspection combining high-speed image capture and defect detection capability

Automated Wafer / Part-Handling

AST provides system solutions at die to wafer level including thinned wafers or wafers on carriers

Assembly & Integration

Solutions that are designed to meet specific manufacturing / process requirements

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