Advanced Metrology Solutions

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Who We Are

Advanced Spectral Technology is a specialized metrology solutions provider with core expertise in high accuracy motion control, defect inspection, metrology and optical design for infrared, visible and UV spectrums. Our ability to integrate key technologies into our manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic platforms allows us to provide turn-key solutions.



Service & preventative maintenance for most Optical Microscopes & Instruments


Microscope repair, part replacement, and part fabrication


Callibration of optical instruments to factory and NIST traceable specifications


Upgrading of older high-value optical instruments & measuring systems

Metrology Solutions
By Industry

Data Storage

Customized solutions for Data Storage manufacturers. Our solutions are designed to provide optimum performance and capability.

Probe Card

Automated system solutions for manufacturing processes and applications from component and sub-assembly level to 300mm+ Probe Cards


Advanced solutions for VCSEL manufacturers that provide significant capability advantages at wafer, die, and film frame level.

Defense / Aerospace

Instruments and Systems for mission specific Aerospace / Defense purposes using Optics, Imaging, Precision Mechanics, Electronics and Software

SemiConductor / MEMS

System solutions to semiconductor & MEMS manufacturing that address imaging and inspection process requirements at wafer, die, and film frame level


Fully automated and highly configurable systems enabling virtually any wafer, chip, and die inspection or measurement application to be optimized.


Advanced imaging and system solutions that provide the required quality and performance to ensure successful outcomes.

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