Inspection / Defect Detection

AST’s Automated Inspection / Defect Detection capability starts with state-of-the-art image capture performance enabling high-resolution images to be captured at an extremely high rate of speed.  This dynamic, proprietary on-the-fly image capture technology enables image tiles to be captured and stitched at full resolution, and then singulated for image processing using AI (machine learning) and/or other advanced defect detection algorithms.

AST’s extensive experience in imaging across a broad spectrum of wavelengths enables image quality to be optimized based on the defect type, material properties, and size to be detected.

Specific to Data Storage, AST advanced automated inspection system solutions target ultra-high UPH performance and defect detection capability including inspection on Hard Disk R/W Heads, Slider Bars, Head Gimbal Assemblies (HGAs), and Media at various stages of the volume manufacturing process.


Advanced Inspection & Metrology System


High-performance system platform designed for applications that require high-speed inspection and precision measurement that can be deployed in a 24/7 high-volume manufacturing or development environment.  This highly flexible system platform can be configured with a variety of specialized optical and illumination options that can include but is not limited to infrared, visible, and UV spectrums that can be optimized per the customers application / process requirements.  This high-accuracy system platform is ideal for advanced inspection and dimensional metrology applications.  300mm x 400mm X-Y stage travel enables multiple part, carrier, and or tooling fixtures to be integrated.  AST’s ScopeViewer software suite is a feature rich inspection, metrology, controls, customizable GUI, and data reports package providing recipe driven programs that enable semi & fully automated sequences to be executed. SECS/GEM and other factory management system integration can be implemented.  Automated part-handling options can also be adapted as required. 

Application / Process Specific Inspection & Metrology Systems

While standard Inspection & Metrology based systems provide advantages in some areas, they may not always be the best optimized solution.  In these cases, AST has extensive experience and expertise developing high-performance systems that address a specific customer’s process / factory automation requirements.  These requirements can consist of achieving higher throughput, UPH/M², enhanced process automation for high-speed pick & place (part-handling), binning / sorting, and/or integrating inspection / metrology capability into a fully automated line / production cell.  AST has developed these application / process specific Inspection & Metrology Systems compatible with cleanrooms down to Class 10 (ISO-4).

Application / process specific system solutions also provide the capability to integrate multiple axes, vision systems, different and varying sensor types and technology, etc. into a fully-integrated turnkey inspection system platform.  AST will work collaboratively with your engineering / development team in developing the best process solution to meet your requirements.


All of our systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.