Defect Inspection & Review

Advanced inspection technology and ability to provide ultra high-speed on-the-fly image capture capability enables AST to provide best-in-class performance within a production proven automated system platform.  These automated system platforms can be optimized for inspecting full probe card assemblies or can be utilized to address inspection requirements at the sub-assembly and/or at select manufacturing processes where specific quality metrics are required to be closely monitored and validated to keep that process in control and ensure the highest degree of product quality and performance.

AST’s capability to provide a high-resolution image of the entire 300mm probe card at greatly reduced cycle-times enables the highest possible detection rates to be achieved.  This includes the capability to perform high-speed scans at different image planes for enhanced inspection / defect detection capability.   

Our ScopeViewer software provides a fully integrated, highly capable software suite that enables application specific scripts to be created and executed automatically.  ScopeViewer uses a user-friendly GUI that can be programmed to provide different levels of access.  The ability to utilize a combination of “AI (machine learning)” and “golden image comparison” defect detection techniques enables the system to be optimized for the highest level of detection capability.      

AST’s production proven automated inspection platforms utilize the most advance positioning and imaging technology including the integration of components that are selected based on their reliability and performance in 24/7 manufacturing environments.

Defect Inspection Systems

AST Image Capture System

Advanced Probe Card Inspection System


The AST-300-PCI system utilizes a larger format system platform capable of inspecting an entire 300mm probe card at wafer level or a fully assembled probe card that is in its final integration state.  Since probe cards can vary in size, shape, and weight, AST can help you determine if an AST-300-PCI platform meets all your probe card designs or if an AST-500 platform is better suited for addressing your specific probe card requirements and design variations.  This system platform can also be leveraged to address automated inspection at the wafer and/or sub-assembly level providing a solution to keep critical processes in control and meeting required quality metrics.   

The AST-300 platform integrates advanced positioning capability providing the required performance to perform high speed image scanning of the entire probe card with the capability to store and analyze at full resolution.  The ability to singulate specific areas of interest for defect detection further optimizes the performance and capability  of the system.

AST’s ability to configure the imaging system support multiple magnification and resolution options add to the flexibility of the products that can be processed and inspected on the system.  The ability to integrate multiple optical / imaging systems further enhances the ability to detect defects and meet specific quality metrics for the product being inspected.

The ScopeViewer software suite supports all controls, imaging, and application specific scripts that execute the automated functionality of the system including the ability to detect defects using both AI (machine learning) and other proprietary detection techniques.  Data can be outputted through SECS GEM or other factory information systems enabling report generation, process control, and other factory, process, and product metrics to be tracked. 

These systems can also be configured to utilize an off-line AST image server and review station(s) for select manufacturing processes.

Advanced Probe Card Inspection System


The AST-500-PCI system platform provides the same advanced performance and functionality as the AST-300-PCI system with the capability to support 300mm and above probe card assemblies.  This automated inspection system platform provides 500mm x 500mm of X-Y travel enabling integration of multiple optical / imaging systems and /or the ability to integrate additional sensor technology (i.e. force, Z-height displacement, etc.).

Application / Process Specific Inspection Systems

AST has partnered with probe card manufacturers to develop and deploy targeted inspection solutions to meet specific application / process requirements.  These systems leverage AST’s core capabilities and technology within a custom platform that targets specific performance specifications.  Contact AST to review your specific inspection requirements.


All of our systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.