Data Storage Manufacturing Solutions

Advanced Spectral Technology provides solutions for Data Storage manufacturers and suppliers for use in production, development, and laboratory environments.  These advanced technology solutions address critical process applications including automated inspection, defect detection, measurement, assembly, alignment, and bonding.  Advanced Spectral Technology offers fully-integrated turnkey system solutions designed and developed to provide optimum performance and capability.  Advanced Spectral Technology offers a flexible and configurable line of products that can address a wide range of applications & processes. 


Inspection / Defect Detection

Advanced High-Performance Automated Inspection / Defect Detection System Solutions

Alignment / Bonding

Advanced solutions for performing precision automated alignment & bonding

Process Automation

Targeted solutions for factory automation targeting specific process metrics for achieving optimum performance, quality, yield & ROI

Angle / Attitude Measurement

Advanced Non-contact Angle / Attitude Measurement Systems for alignment, bonding, & process control applications

Test Solutions / Test Racks

Integrated Test Solutions & Test Racks performing testing and burn-in at Drive Level

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