Defect Detection & Review

Advanced state-of-the-art inspection system platforms are an optimum solution for defect detection.  These systems can be configured and optimized to inspect at specific wavelengths or can be configured to inspect across multiple wavelengths that can be programmed and executed as part of a fully automated script that is ideal for production requirements as well as development environments.  

These systems leverage AST’s extensive experience and expertise in defect detection capable of utilizing AI (machine / deep learning) and golden image comparison to provide the solution that delivers the highest detection capability across a range of potential defect scenarios and greatly reducing the potential for escapes.

AST’s capability to inspect using NIR (visible – 1050nm) through SWIR (900nm – 1700nm) wavelengths leveraging proprietary optical configurations and technology enable our inspection platforms to achieve the highest quality image performance and detect defects that may not been captured using other inspection techniques or systems.      

AST’s advanced inspection system platforms are designed for high-volume UPH performance capable of ultra-high speed image capture capability enabling high-resolution images to be captured & processed as a fully integrated turnkey system with the option for off-line review.

Defect Detection Products

Advanced Inspection System


The AST-300 integrates best-in-class precision positioning capability within a highly flexible system that provides an optimum platform for integrating AST’s advanced imaging systems.   These systems provide the required performance and precision to capture on-the-fly images, stitch them into a single high-resolution composite image and singulate those images for processing through AST’s advanced ScopeViewer defect detection software suite.  

System can be configured with a wafer loader or other part-handling system.  AST has integrated a number of high-performance options for supporting 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm wafers & tape frames including unique carrier designs targeting specific customer part requirements. 

Data can be output through SECS GEM or other factory information systems enabling report generation, process control, and other factory, process, and product metrics to be tracked.

Image Server for Defect Detection

High-Capacity Image Server

High Capacity / High-performance Image Server provides the capability to store large size, full-resolution stitch images.  This standalone image server includes rack-mount chassis, monitor, and keyboard.   This image server also supports the option to perform off-line review.

Off-line Review Station

The image server can support one or multiple off-line review stations enable review to be performed outside of a cleanroom where the AST-300 image capture station is located.  These review stations can be configured with 4K touch-screen and computer running AST ScopeViewer review software.

Advanced Inspection & Metrology System


High-performance system designed for applications where high-speed defect detection and precision measurements on wafers and other parts are required. Can be configured as a dedicated production tool or as a versatile process development system.  The system provides the ability to sort / bin wafers per defined criteria.

This automated and versatile platform can be configured with specialized optical paths across the spectrum utilizing precise part staging. The system offers significant and unique advantages for dual production/engineering use and provides the perfect solution when both defect detection and dimensional metrology are required.

The system can be configured or customized to meet your exact requirements with a variety of optical and illumination accessories, custom wafer/part fixtures, as well as custom operator interface, data formats and reports.


All of our defect detection systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.