About Us

Who We Are

Advanced Spectral Technology is a culmination of diverse and highly experienced technologists, engineers, & developers that encompasses decades of experience that have come together to provide advanced & enabling solutions across a broad range of markets & industries.

These industry-leading solutions and products developed by AST continue to advance our customers and strategic partners technology, capabilities, and performance targeting both development & high-volume manufacturing environments.

Advanced Spectral Technology, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

Technology Focused on Innovation

AST was founded in 2011 as a technology company focused on developing & manufacturing turnkey multi-spectral imaging systems providing high-performance solutions for defect inspection & metrology using IR, visible, & UV spectrums.

What has set AST aside from other solution providers / suppliers is our ability to work collaboratively with our customers to specifically tailor a system solution around their specific application & process requirements.  This is achieved by continuously introducing, implementing, & integrating the latest, most advanced technology with proven, robust & reliable system platforms.

The ability to combine this advanced technology providing the highest resolution, accuracy, & repeatability with innovation that provides the highest performance & throughput is unmatched and provides a significant advantage to our customers that deploy our system solutions.

AST continues to be an industry leader in providing advanced fully automated, multi-spectral imaging solutions to multiple markets & industries including Semiconductor, Photonics, Medical Device, MEMS, Aerospace, Defense, & Data Storage. 

Evolving Capabilities & Technology

AST’s core competencies include automated part-handing, ultra-high precision motion control, alignment, bonding, & sorting solutions that are optimized to meet specific customer process & application requirements.  AST’s advanced development team possesses decades of engineering experience in designing & manufacturing high-quality automation systems from concept to prototype to volume replication.

AST Image Capture System
Advanced Metrology Solutions Provider

Strategic Partners and Alliances

AST is part of a strategic alliance and partnership that provides a strong presence in Asia.  This includes local engineering expertise and an experienced manufacturing infrastructure capable of delivering high-quality system solutions in volume.  Experienced field engineers are based regionally throughout Asia and close to our customers’ factory locations supporting applications, process development, design reviews, installations, qualifications, and ongoing factory support.

Areas of Expertise

AST has developed a line of highly flexible system solutions that combine both high-precision and high-performance within a fully integrated system platform providing the following advanced capabilities:

Application Examples

  • Wafer/Die level CD (Critical Dimension) Metrology
  • Precision MEMS & 3D Component Inspection
  • Advanced Microelectronics Package Inspection
  • Advanced Overlay Metrology
  • VSCEL Aperture Metrology & Inspection
  • High Speed Probe Card Inspection & Metrology


  • Specialized options for optics (Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, UV, Interferometric, etc.), illumination (wavelength specific, strobing, etc.), and camera types optimized for application (wavelength, speed, pixel resolution, etc.)
  • Customized fixtures & tooling
  • Optional (semi-automated, fully automated, & sorting capability)
  • Non wafer P&P part-handling solutions based on part & process requirements


All of our systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact our us for more information.