Defense / Aerospace

At AST, we support the world’s most prolific Infrared Camera Manufacturers, from Commercial products (like thermal imaging for industrial applications), to Astronomy Products (Like Large Format Telescope and Satellite Imaging Devices) to Targeting for National Defense and surveillance applications (Missile Guidance, Shoulder Fire Imaging/Guidance, Smart Munitions, Etc.).

We also support National Labs for research and development for Space systems and interplanetary missions.

For all of these customers, we have a similar approach to support their efforts. We combine Optics, Imaging, Precision Mechanics, Electronics and Software to make instruments and Systems for mission specific purposes.

Systems can be very simple, generic configurations to very complex and specific, single purpose tools.

We make the tools of this scientific community so they can improve or make possible the work that they do.

We also offer system maintenance, repair and upgrade paths for this segment that allows them to minimize expenditure on replacing obsolete hardware so that they can use those precious budgets on systems that have new, enabling technology.    


Thermal Imaging & Analysis

Mid Wave Infrared Inspection for defect detection and analysis. Universal configurations for a multitude of applications

Universal & Custom Solutions

Solutions configured and/or designed and optimized for your specific requirements

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