Wafer, Die, & Film Frame

AST offers high-performance system solutions at wafer, die, and film frame level that can be configured and optimized for use as a production tool or versatile process development system.  These platforms can be configured with a variety of specialized optical and illumination accessories for infrared, visible, and UV spectrums.  These system platforms integrate advanced positioning axes that deliver optimum precision and accuracy both prior to stage mapping and post characterization.  Obtaining optimum focus performance and stability is achieved through AST’s advanced Z-positioning capability that provides fast and precise focus capability at high magnification.  The ability to support and precisely position payloads consisting of one or multiple optical / imaging system and sensor technology ensure both seamless integration and performance.


Wafer Product

AST offers flexible solutions for inspection, defect detection, and metrology at wafer, die, and/or film frame level.  Imaging optics are configurable across a wide spectrum including Visible, NIR, SWIR, & UV wavelengths.  Visible imaging options include Brightfield, Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Polarized, plus other imaging techniques.  Coaxial, oblique, and backlight illumination options can be integrated for optimum image qualityAST can also integrate other sensor technology such as Spectrophotometers, Ellipsometers, Profilometers, etc. to combine multiple tool metrology tasks into a single system, reducing operation and tool counts and handling requirements. 

Contact AST to review product offering and ability to customize a solution to meet your exact specifications with an array of optical, illumination, & wafer/part fixture options, wafer handler, as well as custom operator interface, data formats and reports.


All of our systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.