Thin Film Thickness Measurement

We’re Experts in Thin Film Thickness Measurement

AST as an advanced technology and solutions provider provides fully automated thin film thickness measurement system addressing a variety of application requirements for measuring film thicknesses down to 1nm.

Our expertise in integrating thin film thickness with critical dimensional (CD) measurement capability within a fully automated turnkey system enables AST to provide a total solution with expanded capabilities.

Thin film thickness measurements down to 1nm

AST’s capability to integrate a wide range of film thickness measurement sensors from multiple sources enables the right technology that provides the best performance to be specified given the application requirements and specifications.

Film thickness measurement range varies depending on sensor type, model, and application. For example, film thickness measurements on a silicon wafer range from 1nm to 1mm which can be performed as a single spot or thickness mapping over a given programmed area on the wafer.

Film thickness measurement solutions vary depending on the application, material characteristics, and measurement parameters/specifications. these solutions can accurately measure coating thickness, films, surface layer, and material layers using various techniques and methods involving optical, interference.

Thin Film Thickness Application Examples

Process Coatings

Measurement of coatings on a variety of substrates and materials can be determined utilizing techniques that are optimized with respect to the base material and optical properties that may or may not be transparent. Surface roughness, spectral properties, refractive index, and wavelength are considerations for optimizing measured accuracy. Transparent layers and reflected based surfaces on a substrate or devices support the ability to measure and characterize the coating / film thickness. Automated systems integrating the latest measuring instrument technology, software, and analysis tools are configured and optimized to support the measurement requirements.


Step Height Measurements

Measuring step height(s) depends on how thin a layer or layers are as well as their composition. Different materials with different refractive index, interference properties, reflectance, and roughness defines tool will dictate Automated systems Measurement Text goes here

Thin Film Thickness Measurement Instruments

Advanced Inspection System


Advanced Spectral Technology AST-300 automation platform is an ideal system for integrating thin film measurement sensor technology for both development environments and mass production (MP).

These multi-purpose, high-performance automated system platform can combine thin film thickness measurement capability along with other automated metrology and inspection requirements enhancing the overall capabilities that can be addressed within a single process tool.

Thin Film Questions?

All of our thin-film systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.