Uses: Inspection
Uses: Inspection


Small Format Standard and Right Angle Viewing Microscope

Microscope system with integrated Coaxial White LED (Brightfield) illumination, Motorized focus stage with 50mm travel and Variable speed Mouse driver, Manual XY sample stage, Includes power supplies for Illuminator and Motorized focus stage.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for uscope_datasheet.pdf

Key Features:

  • Optics: Infinity design, 200mm focal length. Compatible with Mitutoyo objectives.
  • Lighting: Co-axial lighting standard. Quad Ring and Dark Field illumination optional.
  • Video Camera: Standard C-Mount for use with all digital and analog cameras.
  • Display: Monitor or computer.
  • Drive Method: Joystick control. Stepper motor with sub micron positioning. Optional remote controller.


  • Auxiliary Lenses
  • Calibration Standards
  • Rotary Fixture
  • Right Angle Mounting Fixture
  • Right Angle Viewing Attachment
  • Mitutoyo, Seiwa Objectives