Uses: Surface Preparation
Uses: Surface Preparation

Setna Ontos7

Atmospheric Plasma for Surface Preparation

Process engineers know that native oxides and organic contamination on surfaces can disrupt subsequent processes such as solder bonding, wire bonding, thin film deposition, hybrid assembly, etc. Ontos7 provides the process engineer with a rapid atmospheric plasma process which reduces native oxidation and organic contamination.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for ontos7_datasheet.pdf

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic, dry atmospheric process.
  • Removes native oxide from metallic and semiconductor surfaces.
  • Removes organic contamination films.
  • Passivates surface against re-oxidation. Process completes in seconds.
  • Process completes in seconds.
  • Downstream radical chemistry only, No ions - No bombardment - CMOS safe.
  • Fully automatic operation with touchscreen controller and recipe libraries.
  • Accommodates any planar substrate from small chips to 8" wafers.
  • Made in USA.