Uses: Inspection, Metrology
Uses: Inspection, Metrology


Mid Wave Benchtop Infrared Microscope System for Defect Detection and Analysis

The AST-M150T is a new Mid Wave Infrared Benchtop Microscope for defect detection and analysis. Universal configuration for a multitude of applications. Powerful software included.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for astm150t_datasheet.pdf
  • Meant as an aid to find defects either visually or thermo graphically with the MWIR band (3-5 microns).
  • Thermo graphic microscope to find thermally identifiable defects.
  • Applications for aerospace, medical device, semiconductor and forensic, materials and processes development and analysis.
  • Magnifications from Macro to 1x, 2.5x, 4x, and 5x.
  • Precision 150mm travel manual coarse and fine precision stage for accurate navigation and metrology.
  • Stage has 6mm cross-roller, lead-screw/stepper motor construction and can accommodate heavy loads (up to approximately 25 kilos)
  • Precision Z axis 250mm travel manual column for sample and tooling compatibility.
  • Thermal detection to 20 mK.
  • Spatial resolution below 10 microns 640 x 512, 20 micron pixel.
  • InSb FPA on a closed cycle dewar (no LN2 required).
  • Turn key system.
  • System includes various image analysis and enhancement features.
  • System includes image stitching for large sample, high resolution work.


  • Motorized (& CNC) X & Y Axis.
  • Motorized (& CNC) Z Axis.
  • 0.1 or 0.5 µm Linear Encoders for X, Y, and Z Axes.
  • Laptop or Industrial Computer Interface.
  • 200mm, 300mm and Custom Stages.
  • Automated and Custom Systems.
  • Wafer Loaders.
  • Illumination Packages.
  • Heated Tooling Plates
  • Long Wave Systems also available.