Uses: Angle Measurement
Uses: Angle Measurement

AST Autocollimator

Highly Flexible Angle Measurement System


Advanced Spectral Technology’s Computerized Autocollimator Systems offer users a highly flexible angle measurement system with features not available from other attitude measurement systems.

The user friendly operating software utilizes easy to identify software buttons to select desired system functions.

Software setups allow measurement configuration parameters to be saved and easily recalled.

On-screen Pass/Fail measurement results can be displayed when the option is selected.  Pass/Fail measurement tolerances are programmable.

Report files store data in ASCII format for export into Excel or other programs.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for ast_autocollimator_datasheet.pdf
  • Engineering/Operator Modes to lock out operators from the system and calibration settings.
  • Multiple Spot measurement – up to 4   measurements.
  • LED illumination – minimizes the associated maintenance required and intensity variations often encountered with fiber optic light sources.
  • Measurement susceptibility to environmental illumination sources has been minimized with proprietary techniques.
  • Decreased diffraction around the aperture that produces the spot, thus increased repeatability and reduced noise (flair).
  • Specific color LED’s can be chosen (typically  530nm, Green).
  • Brightness Level - Recipe Controlled
  • Improved signal to noise ratio.
  • Custom spot sizes can be made available upon request.


Digital camera with USB3.0 interface, which:

  • Allows for higher resolution and larger FOV
  • Allows the use of a laptop, tablet, mini PC, tower, all in one system
  • Up to 4 collimators per PC
  • High frame rates for data streaming in, minimizing latency

Powerful software includes:

  • Windows 7 or 10 32/64 bit compatible
  • Touch Screen user interface
  • Multiple modes with lock-outs for engineer/operator
  • Custom application support available


  • Practical and unobtrusive form factor
  • Angular measurement range minimum +- 2.5 Degrees
  • Stable active measurement equal to or better than 0.001 degrees
  • Touch screen or mouse click to pick active spot for single spot measurement in a multi-spot environment