Uses: Inspection, Metrology
Uses: Inspection, Metrology


Advanced Inspection & Metrology System

This top performance system is designed for applications that require high-speed inspection and precision measurement of wafers and die. It is well suited for use as a dedicated production tool or versatile process development system. It features a powerful set of automated as well as semi-automated optical/video tools optimized for high accuracy, production throughput, and ease of use.

This platform can be configured with a variety of specialized optical and illumination accessories for infrared, visible, and UV spectrums and precise part staging, as well as optional wafer handling capabilities. Offering significant and unique advantages for dual production/engineering use, the AST-300 system provides the perfect solution for advanced inspection and dimensional metrology needs.

The AST-300 can be customized to meet your exact specifications with an array of optical, illumination, & wafer/part fixture options, wafer handler, as well as custom operator interface, data formats and reports.


  • Wafer/Die level CD (Critical Dimension) Metrology
  • Precision MEMS & 3D Component Inspection
  • Advanced Microelectronics PackageInspection
  • Advanced Overlay Metrology
  • VSCEL Aperture Metrology & Inspection
  • High Speed Probe Card Inspection & Metrology


  • Very easy to use, program, & set up
  • Highly visual data with rich color graphics & video


  • Specialized options for optics, illumination, fixtures
  • Optional wafer & other part types handling
  • Customizable for application specific solutions


  • Designed for automatic/semi-automatic operation
  • Extensive inspection features & capability
  • Integrated dimensional metrology features


  • Sub-micron precision optical measurements
  • High accuracy staging with 5nm linear encoder resolution


  • Multiple measurements per second typical per field of view
  • Up to 500mm x 600mm wafer/part size capacity
  • 250mm/second maximum staging speed
Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for AST-300_datasheet.pdf


  • 325mm x 400mm sample size capacity
  • 100mm Z-axis travel
  • Maximum stage Load capacity: 25kg
  • 250mm/second maximum staging speed
  • Granite base & Z-column, stainless steel finish
  • Class 100 clean room compatible
  • Non-linear 2D accuracy error correction


  • 1μm limiting X-Y stage accuracy [error<(1.0μm+(L/300)) where L is stage travel in mm]
  • 1μm limiting Z-axis accuracy [error<(1.0μm+(L/100)) where L is stage travel in mm]


  • Camera selected for your application: Ultraviolet, Visible, Near IR, Short Wave IR, or Mid Wave IR
  • High speed digital interface


  • Standard configurations for Bright Field, Dark Field, UV, NIR, SWIR
  • Semi-custom optics readily available for your requirement as needed (DIC, Polarized, etc.)
  • Flat Field objectives (multiple options) with motorized 5 & 6 position turrets
  • Integral Video Auto Focus or optional Laser Auto Focus


  • Software controlled Coaxial or Backlight or as required


  • Flexible part scanning for operator convenience & throughput optimization
  • High precision vision-based part alignment
  • AST ScopeViewer Software Application suite
  • Windows 7 Pro / Windows 10 Pro


  • Video Tools: Point, Line, Circle, Arc edge detectors
  • Constructions: Extensive geometric constructions with distance & angle measurements (e.g. line to line, etc.)
  • Origin & Skew: Unlimited reference frames
  • Tolerancing: Dimensional & Angular
  • Units: Metric
  • Coordinates: Cartesian & Polar
  • Step & Repeat: Repeat Loops for repeating features & multiple parts
  • Reports: Data on screen, text file, or exports to Excel
  • SPC: Average, SD, Range, Min, Max, Cp, Cpk
  • Additional: Auto Focus, Auto Lighting, & Outlier Removal


  • Environmental: 17-23°C, 20-80% Humidity
  • Electrical: 120/240 VAC, 15A single phase
  • AST-300 Footprint: 815mm x 1050mm x 1700mm (WxDxH)
  • Wafer Handler Footprint: 610mm x 1050mm x 1200mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1100kg crated (including wafer handler)