Uses: Inspection, Metrology
Uses: Inspection, Metrology


Ergonomic Metrology Workstation

The AST-230M is easy to use, versatile, mechanically stable, and has excellent illumination capabilities. Every AST system is constructed to the highest quality standards before any error compensation is applied, providing exceptional performance and consistent, reliable operation. Powerful software is included.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for ast230m_datasheet.pdf
  • Optics: 12:1 video zoom package or optional Microscope optics package
  • Lighting: 3 or 7-channel LED or Fiber Optic illumination (Ring light, collimated sub-stage and co-axial lighting standard. Quad Ring and Dark Field illumination optional)
  • Video Camera: Color CCD digital camera, USB interface (1024 x 768 res)
  • Display: 24” LCD Monitor (shown)
  • Travel & Measuring Capacity: 230mm x 150mm x 200mm (9” x 6” x 8”)
  • Scales: Heidenhain 0.1 Micron (0.000004”) Resolution Scales
  • Metrology Controller/Software: QC5000 measurement software and PC Control system includes 12:1 zoom lens and 3-channel illumination
  • Standard: Granite base and granite column construction for extremely high accuracy. Machine pedestal and Point-of-Control (POC) Cart
  • OPTIONS: Auxiliary Lenses, Calibration Standards, Touch Probe, Laser Probe, Rotary Fixture, Right Angle Mounting Fixture, Right Angle Viewing Attachment