Uses: Inspection, Metrology
Uses: Inspection, Metrology


Advanced Defect Inspection & Metrology System

This top performance system is designed for applications that require high-speed inspection and precision measurement of wafers and die. It is well suited for use as a dedicated production tool or versatile process development system. It features a powerful set of automated as well as semi-automated optical/video tools optimized for high accuracy, production throughput, and ease of use.

This automated and versatile platform can be configured with specialized optical paths across the spectrum utilizing precise part staging. The system offers significant and unique advantages for dual production/engineering use, and provides the perfect solution when both defect detection and dimensional metrology are required.

The system can be configured or customized to meet your exact requirements with a variety of optical and illumination accessories, custom wafer/part fixtures, as well as custom operator interface, data formats and reports.

Download PDF Specification Sheet >> Download PDF for ast200_datasheet.pdf


  • Wafer level defect detection & measurement
  • Precision MEMS and HD component inspection
  • Advanced microelectronics package inspection


  • Designed for automatic/semi-automatic operation
  • Extensive defect detection features & capability
  • Integrated dimensional metrology features


  • Sub-micron precision optical measurements
  • High accuracy staging with 0.02 μm linear encoder resolution


  • 50-100 defects/measurements per second typical per field of view
  • 200mm/second part staging speed
  • [Option] 300mm/second part staging speed


  • Very easy to use, program and set up
  • Highly visual data with rich color graphics & video


  • Specialized options for optics, illumination, fixtures
  • Optional wafer and other part types handling
  • Customizable for application specific solutions