Angle / Attitude Measurement

AST Autocollimator provides fast & precise angle / attitude measurement capability. This includes addressing many applications and processes within HDD (Slider Fab, HGA (Head Gimbal Assembly), HSA (Head Stack Assembly), & Drive) and Tape Drive. The AST Autocollimator is also widely used for validating tooling and fixtures where angle / attitude and alignment is critical to the performance and capability of the process and / or part(s) being produced. AST’s Autocollimator is also capable of being integrated into existing process automation providing enhance control and real-time feedback.


Hard Drive Disk (HDD) Applications

Slider (R/W Magnetic Head) Fabrication

  • MetrologyAutocollimators are widely used in high-volume HDD Slider fabrication factories for performing critical measurement on slider bars at different phases of the manufacturing process.  AST computerized Autocollimator(s) can be integrated into a system to measure angle from a reference, perpendicularity, and parallelism.  These systems can include automated handling and sorting capability
  • AlignmentAST’s Autocollimator(s) are also widely utilized in HDD Slider fabrication factories for price angle feedback during critical alignment processes enabling real-time feedback to be achieved.

HGA (Head Gimbal Assembly) Fabrication

  • MetrologyAutocollimators are utilized to address a number of processes within HGA fabrication factories.  These include but are not limited to Suspension and HGA static attitude (PSA & RSA) as a standalone solution as well as integrated into HGA automation processes.  Autocollimators are also utilized to validate system tooling and fixtures both as an integrated inline solution and off-line validation tool.
  • AlignmentReal-time angle and attitude feedback during critical alignment processes

Tape Drive Applications

LTO Tape Heads

  • Metrology & Alignment – Multiple applications and processes relating to magnetic head modules and assemblies.  These include angle measurement of head modules during alignment, bonding, and validation.


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