Alignment & Bonding

AST Leverages many of its core competencies to address and develop advanced automated alignment & bonding solutions.  These solutions focus on providing process specific alignment & bonding systems that are optimized to achieve the required alignment precision and apply the technology that is best suited for ensuring the adhesive and / or bonding approach maintains alignment through the curing process.

Contact AST for more details on capabilities and collaboration in developing an advanced high-volume solution that meet your specific production requirements and process metrics.


Alignment and Bonding System

Application / Process Specific Alignment & Bonding Systems

These systems are developed around processes and technology that are designed for optimum correlation across deployed systems and operation in 24/7 manufacturing environments.   AST’s capability to integrate multiple axes, vision systems, different and varying sensor types and alignment & bonding / curing technology within a fully-integrated turnkey system platform makes AST an ideal collaboration and development partner to meet your requirements.      


All of our systems can be fully customized to meet your requirements. If you have questions about our product offerings or capabilities, please contact us for more information.