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Advanced Spectral Technology Inc. Creative Solutions for Inspection, Metrology, and Infrared Imaging

Providing creative solutions for Inspection, Metrology, and Infrared Imaging.


Advanced Spectral Technology, Inc. (AST) provides manual to fully automated precision motion controlled systems, utilizing application specific optical designs and sensors in any of the Infrared, Visible and UV spectrums. AST employs the latest cutting edge technologies and expertise to solve the industry's most challenging defect detection, inspection, infrared imaging, and metrology requirements. AST additionally serves industries that require semiconductor wafer inspection, thermography, and atmospheric plasma surface preparation.


While we primarily serve the Semiconductor/MEMS, Aerospace & Defense, and Medical fields, we're continually seeking to meet the needs of all industries which require creative and innovative solutions to their most diverse applications.


Advanced Spectral Technology, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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